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Rightmove Properties

Rightmove Properties Windhoek was established at the beginning of 2011 and true to its name, the estate agency's main focus remains the Windhoek real estate market.

The strength of the business is no doubt its dynamic team of 5 estate agents, who combined, has over 40 years experience in the Windhoek real estate market. Rightmove is considered one of the market leaders and both the agency and agents have won several prestigious awards during recent years, in recognition of continued excellent customer service.

Longstanding customer relations, unrivaled hard work combined with apt knowledge and experience are the cornerstones of the business.

Focusing primarily on the selling of residential real estate, the agency assists also with the selling of commercial and industrial properties as well as the letting of same.

The business activities include the following:

Up-pointing red triangle Discussion with Seller about a property's special features and probable market value.

Up-pointing red triangle Discussion of an appropriate marketing strategy taking into account the Seller's time frame and circumstances.

Up-pointing red triangle Assisting a Seller to ensure the Property receives the Building Compliance Certificate, as required by the Municipality of Windhoek.

Up-pointing red triangleThe actIve marketing and promoting of properties, both for sale and to let.

Up-pointing red triangle Interacting with prospective Buyers and negotiating transactions to ensure the best possible outcome for both Buyer and Seller.

Up-pointing red triangle Monitoring the sales process closely from date of introduction to a property until registration of transfer.

Up-pointing red triangle Liasing with all interested parties, including Valuators, Banks, Transferring Attorneys, and the Municipality, to ensure successful & speedy transactions.

Up-pointing red triangle Constant monitoring of market conditions and keeping up with trends & changes in legislation and the economy in order to provide Buyers & Sellers with correct and relevant information.

For committed, friendly and professional advice, contact any of the Rightmove agents:

Lourette Liebenberg 081 124 5868
Marion Wolf 081 245 2390
Anita Dames 081 124 6666
Dinette Venter 081 124 6732
Muggie Loftie-Eaton 081 129 4121